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时时彩一星稳赚技巧:About GMG

2014-11-17 13:23:34

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Global Broadcasting Media Group (GMG), being the shareholder of, is the one and only platform managing all profit-oriented media and cultural resources for China Radio International (CRI) and China International Broadcasting Network (CIBN). GMG plays a critical role in helping CRI build a modern, global, and comprehensive media group.

GMG began operation on January 18, 2011. It aims to build a platform for the cultural industry, and develop a modern and global media outlet. Through CRI's trans-media network that covers radio, television, publishing, Internet and new media, GMG aims to become a state-level, globalized, modernized, comprehensive media group in a professional, market-oriented manner. With solid financial support and strong abilities in investment operation and management, GMG is on its way to building its brand as a business that provides integrated, client-oriented services to all terminals.



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